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This is a Google approved process of including star ratings information against your natural Google results. Google dictates that by following a strict requirement, your site pages are able to have ratings data shown in Google search results, except your home page.

It is important that the rules for showing rating data in Google search results are following and completely compliant with Google requirements, to avoid Google penalties.

HOW DOES IT WORK? will initiate a series of reviews of your website created by real people that cover 8 key areas of your forex business and online presence. The process will include between 45 and 70 reviews. The website review categories covered are:


There are a few conditions which seem to have a positive impact on getting (and keeping!) the review stars in the search results:

  • Don’t try to place rating data on your homepage; Google states: “Review and rating markup should be used to provide review and/or rating information about a specific product or service". For example, 'organisational ratings' or 'general ratings' are not specific enough.
  • Don't show an average or the identical review stars across your entire site, rather use the review ratings for specific products and services. This is the primary reason why we created 8 different rating categories that perfectly match the sections within your website.
  • The rating value is numerical, ranging from 0 to 5; don’t award yourself only 5 on all your services and don’t go overboard with your scores.
  • Keep the review total count within reason and factually referenceable and true.
  • Try not to add review stars to all pages at once, add them gradually over a month or 2.
  • Don’t expect the stars to show up for all pages at once. They will start to show progressively although normally they are quick to display.
  • Having the review stars in the search results pages can have a positive effect on your CTR.
  • Placing our “reviews” widget within your pages can help to get the rich snippets shown for your site faster.
  • It's important to be able to demonstrate accuracy in ratings, and to avoid issues with fake ratings or ACCC scrutiny.


How many pages can I place star ratings on? +

Our experience shows that you can place star ratings on all compliant pages of your site, except your home page.

How long does it take for star ratings to appear in Google results? +

We usually find that within days or weeks of implementing our ratings widget code, they start appearing in Google. In some cases this takes longer, but it is rare.

How long before we can start showing our ratings stars in Google? +

We will immediately initiate the review process of your website sections by between 45 and 70 individual people, which will take a number of weeks (between 3 and 5 weeks). Once completed, we can issue you with the code snippets to add to your website pages that will trigger Google's indexing of your star ratings.

What happens if I miss out on this implementation cycle? +

Although we can't guarantee that we will open this offer up again soon, we may elect to do so in the future. However, the power of this approach is in its exclusivity. If we offer it to everyone, it will dilute its benefit.

Can I get more review ratings? +

In addition to the ratings we can generate for your listing on, you can also rate your own listing as well as have your customers rate your listing too, to help boost ratings numbers.

Are there any risks? +

If our methodology and instructions are followed, there is no risk. Currently we have had websites showing starred results for over 12 months without any issue.

What, if anything can go wrong? +

If you try to place the same ratings result across your entire website against all pages, this goes against Google's ratings policy and also may attract the scrutiny of anti-competition regulatory authorities. It's important to follow the process correctly to avoid such risks.

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    Get legitimate volume based reviews of your website to strengthen your online reputation. We will commission between 45 and 70 reviews of the 8 categories of your website.

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